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.. video about the current situation in the Moria refugee on Lesbos.

By: Raphael Thelen (German jounalist)

You look out of the window and the cold and grey makes you shiver?

Imagine what it’s like to live in a flimsy tent in this weather. That’s exactly what life looks like for more than 6000 refugees in Moria camp on the Greek Island Lesbos.

The camp is more than three times overcrowded, sanitary conditions are inhumane and people get sick from the cold. Now the #WinterIsComing and temperatures drop below zero. Still the Greek government and the European Commission won’t move people out of Moria. They are stuck.

You know what it means, right? It means people might die. Last year this happened. Multiple times.

After visiting Lesbos some time ago and after watching photos and videos from last days, I decided to write a letter and send it to Athens. To ask for #OpenTheIslands.

You can copy my letter, or re-write it as you wish, and send it there too. Let's make an autumn storm together. Maybe it won't be too late for the winter?

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Those people already sent a letter

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My letter to the
Representative of European Commission in Greece

Mr Panayotis Carvounis
European Commission Representation in Greece

2 Vassilissis Sofias
10674 Athens

Your Town,

Dear representative of the European Commission,

I’m writing to you from Your Town.

After seeing the photographs and the videos from Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, after seeing how children sit in the rain, after seeing crying mothers and helpless fathers, after realizing that this is happening under European responsibility, under the responsibility of the European Commission, I have one question to you:

Are you not ashamed of letting this happen?

Greece, struggling from the double burden of the economic and the refugee crisis, is not capable of hosting all incoming refugees adequately on the Aegean Islands. Still, in your “Joint action plan on the implementation of the EU-Turkey-Statement,” you ask the Greek authorities to “actively enforce the geographical restriction imposed on migrants present on the islands”.

Thereby you turn the Aegean Islands into open-air prisons, forcing people to live in conditions that remembered Pope Francis of “concentration camps.” The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed by all members of the European Commission, guarantees the right of free movement.

Your policies contradict this right. Your policies are a disgrace to our European heritage, which is rooted in the dream of freedom and equality for anyone. If you believe the miserable conditions in Moria will stop people from coming, please be assured that this won’t work.

Therefore I want to ask you, with all due respect: Please lift the geographical restrictions, and move the migrants to mainland Greece.


If you don't open the islands, I dread the day when we will experience what we experienced last winter: people that came to Europe, believing its promises of hope, die in their cold tents, die in fires the lit to fight the cold. Let us light fires of hope.


Your Name